Verbi in cucina - Verbs in the kitchen

Abbrustolire = to toast, to roast
Acidulare = to acidulate
Addensare = to thicken
Affettare = to slice
Affilare = to harpen
Affogare, cuocere in camicia un uovo = to poach an egg
Affumicare = to smoke
Aggiungere = to add
Allargare = to widen, to stretch, to unfold, to extend
Allungare = to extend, to lengthen, to elongate
Amalgamare = to amalgamate, to combine, to mix,to blend
Ammollare = to soak, to soften
Appassire = to sweat, to lightly fry
Appiattire = to flatten
Apportare cambiamenti = to bring some changes/variations
Areare una crema = to air the cream
Arrostire = to roast, to bake, to grill
Arrostire all'aperto = to barbeque in the open air
Arrotolarsi le maniche della camicia = to roll up your sleeves
Asciugare = to dry
Assaggiare = to taste,to try
Assicurarsi della cottura = to make sure it is cooked
Bollire = to boil
Battere = to beat
Bilanciare = to balance
Biscottare = to bake something in the oven until it is toasted
Brasare = to grill, to broil, to braise, to braze, tu jug
Brillare = to glare, to sparkle, to glitter
Caramellare = to ice, to sugar, to caramelize, to caramelise, to candy
Colare = to trickle, to drip, to seep, to dribble
Colorare = to color, to colour
Comprimere = to squeeze, to compress, to press, to collapse, to zip, to condense
Condensare = to condense, to squeeze, to reduce, to concentrate
Condire = to dress, to season, to dress up, to salt, to zest, to flavour, to spice up
Congelare = to freeze, to chill, to congeal, to deep-freeze
Conservare = to preserve, to store
Contare le quantitࡤi cibo = to count the quantity of food
Contorcere = to twist, to squeeze out, to contort
Controllare la cottura = to check out/on, to be in control of cooking, baking, frying
Correggere = to adjust, to correct, to rectify
Cospargere = to scatter, to speck, to splash, to spread, to dot
Cuocere = to do, to cook, to boil, to fire, to bake, to roast, to toast, to simmer, to steam, to grill, to stew, to scorch, to broil, to parch, to saut鼯span>
Cuocere a fuoco lento = to stew, to simmer, to casserole
Cuocere al forno = to bake, to oven-bake
Cuocere al vapore = to steam
Cuocere nel forno a microonde = to microwave, to cook in a microwave oven
Disossare = to bone, to debone
Decantare = to decant
Decidere il tempo di cottura = to decide cooking, baking, frying time
Decorare con una forma = to decorate, to adorn, to bedeck with a form/ mould/stencil/
Denocciolare = to pit
Dissalare = to desalinate
Dorare = to brown, to gild, to begild
Dosare = to share, to balance, to distribute, to ration
Essiccare = to dry
Far lievitare = to ferment, to grow, to ferment with leaven, to leaven
Far qualcosa con le mani = to make something with your hands
Far raffreddare = to cool down
Farcire = to fill, to stuff
Fare a mano = to portion, to divide, to share, to slize, to split
Fare un passato = to make tomato puree
Fiammeggiare = to flame, to blaze, to singe
Filettare = to fillet
Filtrare = to filter
Foderare = to line, to cover, to encase
Formare = to form
Formare un impasto = to form a dough
Fregiare con decorazioni = to adorn, to embellish with decoration
Friggere = to fry, to sizzle, to saut鼯span>
Frollare = to hang
Frullare = to blend, to whip, to beat
Girare = to turn, to twist, to spin,to flip, to rotate
Glassare = to frost, to ice
Gratinare = to cook sth au gratin, to make a gratin of sth
Grattugiare = to grate
Grigliare = to barbecue, to broil, to grill, to charbroil, to roast
Imbiondire = to brown
Imburrare = to butter, to grease
Immergere = to immerge, to submerge, to dunk
Impanare = to roll or coat in breadcrumbs, to bread
Impastare = to knead, to mix
Impazzire = to curdle
Incidere = to cut, slice, to incise, to carve, to engrave
Incorporare = to mix, to combine, to mix in, to fold in, to blend in
Increspare, arricciare, ripiegare contorni di crostate o calzoni = to crisp, to crinkle, to dimple, to ridge tarts, pies or calzoni
Indossare un grembiule pulito = to wear,to put on a clean apron
Infarinare = to flour, to dust/ cover/ coat with flour
Infilare = to pierce, to insert
Infornare = to oven cook, to put in the oven
Integrare = to integrate, to supplement
Lavare = to wash
Lavarsi le mani = to wash your hands
Lavorare = to knead
Legare = to tie back, to fasten
Legarsi i capelli = to tie one's hair
Lessare = to boil
Lievitare = to prove, to rise, to leaven
Macinare = to grind, to mill
Mantecare = to cook until creamy
Marinare = to marinate
Mescolare = to blend, to stir, to mix
Mettere = to put, to place, to lay
Mettere il cibo in frigorifero = to put the food in the fridge
Misurare le quantitࡡ occhio = measure by eye
Mixare = to mix
Montare a crema = to cream
Ottenere una consistenza = to obtain a consistency
Passare = To filter, to strain
Pelare = to peel, to skin
Pesare gli ingredienti = to weigh the ingredients
Pesare quantitࡡ occhio = to weigh by the eye
Pestare = to crush, to mash, to press
Posizionare = to position
Pralinare = to coat with sugar, to coat with sugar and chocholate
Preparare la base del rag頽 to prepare the base for the rag鼯span>
Prepararsi a servire = to prepare to serve
Presentare = to present
Prestare attenzione = to pay attention to
Promuovere un messaggio salutare = to promote an healty message
Pulire = to clean up, to wipe, to scrub, to tidy up, to wash
Raffreddare, refrigerare = to chill, to cool down, to refrigerate
Rassettare, riordinare = to tidy up
Rassodare = to firm, to firm up, to harden
Rendere elastico = to make sth elastic
Rendere morbido = to make sth soft
Ricavare (qualcosa) = to obtain, to extract
Riconoscere (qualcosa) = to identify, to recognise, to discern
Riconoscere la consistenza = to identify, to recognise, to discern the consistency
Ricoprire il cibo = to cover, to film
Ridurre = to reduce, to shrink
Rifinire un piatto = to finish, to refinish, to polish up
Rigirare il cibo = to turn around, to spin
Rimuovere (qualcosa) = to remove, to take away
Rinfrescare = to refresh, freshen up
Rinvenire = to reconstitute
Ripassare in padella = to saut顩n a pan
Riscaldare = to warm up
Ritagliare = to carve out, to crop, to cut out, to shape
Rivestire = to coat with, to cover with
Rompere = to break, to crack
Rosolare = to brown (off), to roast, to saut鬠to pan fry, to sear
Salare = to salt
Saltare in padella = to pan fry, to stir fry
Sbattere = to beat, to cream
Sbollentare = to parboil, to blanch, to sear
Sbucciare = to peel, to skin, to shell, to husk, to scrape
Scegliere gli ingredienti = to choose the ingredients
Scegliere il tempo di cottura = to choose the cooking time
Schiacciare = to press, to push, to crush, to flatten
Schiumare = to skim off
Sciacquare = to rinse out, to wash
Sciogliere = to melt, to liquefy, to dissolve, to thaw
Scolare = to drain, to strain
Scongelare = to thaw out, to defrost, to de-ice
Scottare = to sear, to scald, to half-cook, to burn, to scorch, to brown
Scottarsi = to burn o.s., to scald o.s.
Scrivere una ricetta = to write a recipe
Seguire le istruzioni = to follow the instructions
Selezionare (qualcosa) = to select sth.
Selezionare gli ingredienti = to select the ingredients
Separare = to separate, to detach, to split, to remove
Servire = to serve, to need, to wait on
Setacciare = to sift
Sfilettare = to fillet, to clean, to gut
Sformare = to turn out
Sfornare = to take sth out of the oven
Sfregare = to brush out, to chafe, to scrub out
Sgrassare = to de-grease, to skim/to clean the fat off
Sgusciare = to seal
Siringare = to syringe
Snocciolare = to pit, to stone
Sobbollire = to simmer, to poach
Soffriggere = to saut鼯span>
Sostituire un ingrediente = to substitute an ingredient
Spalmare = to apply, to cream, to daub, to smear, to slather, to spead on smth.
Spellare = to skin, to peel
Spennare = to pluck
Spezzare = to split, to part, to divide, to crack
Spezzettare = to break/to divide sth into pieces
Spiumare = to pluck
Spolverare spezie = to dust, to sprinke spices
Spolverizzare = to dust, to sprinke smth with
Sprecare = to waste
Spremere = to squeese, to squash
Spruzzare = to drizzle, to spray, to spritz, to squirt, to spatter, to sprinkle
Spurgare = to clean out, to flash out
Squamare = to scale, to flake
Stemperare = to melt, to dissolve, to dilute
Stendere = to extend, to strech out, to spread out, to lay out
Schiacciare l'impasto = to press, to squash, to flatten the dough
Strapazzare = to scramble
Stratificare = to layer, to stratify
Strofinare = to rub, to massage
Stufare = to stew, to simmer
Tagliare (qualcosa) = to cut, to slice, to carve, to incise, to trim, to clip
Tagliare a cubetti / dadini = to dice, to cube
Tagliare a listarelle = to cut into strips
Tagliare sottilmente = to thinly cut, to wafer thin cut
Tagliuzzare = to mince, to shred
Tenere in fresco = to keep cool, to chill
Tirare = to pull
Tostare = to toast, to roast
Traversare = to cross, to traverse
Trifolare = to cook in olive oil, parsley and garlic
Trinciare = to cut up
Tritare = to chop
Ungere = to oil, to grease
Usare (qualcosa) = to use smth
Usare acqua corrente = to use tap water
Usare convenzioni standard = to use standard conventions
Usare la polpa = to use the pulp, the flesh, the meat, the juice
Usare le dita = to use the fingers
Usare le mani = to use the hands
Usare un metodo di cottura = to use a method of cooking
Valutare = to value, to assess, to judge
Variare una ricetta = to vary a recipe
Versare il condimento = to pour, to spill the sauce, the seasoning, the relish, the condiment, the flavouring, the topping,the dip